Viral Kindness 06

This thoughtful state reminds me of a photo that I took last year. I had a long-time friend visiting me while he was traveling through for work. I planned to take him out to see the famous Stonehenge. We arrived early and still were among a large crowd while we made our way around the awe-inspiring stones. After lunch, I had the idea to take him to a quieter but equally wonderful set of stones – Avebury…


#ViralKindness 03

I have been writing letters as a way to connect with residents in care homes near where I live. They cannot leave nor have visitors because they are shielding from the virus.


#viralkindness 01

Care homes in the UK have reached out to the public for contact from the outside. Residents are isolated from outside contact for their safety and as such, are feeling alone. I can relate. I am sending a weekly letter and photo to four care homes in my area. 💗 Here is the text of […]