Viral Kindness 06

The more of these letters I send, the more I feel they are benefiting me as much as anyone else. πŸ’› πŸ’œ

Dear Friend,

The world outside is reopening but I am still staying at home.  One of my big courgette plants was broken off at the stem this week.  Normally this would be sad but not tragic, right now it feels awful.  I think I have put too much of my heart into my garden this year.  Or perhaps I am being too metaphorical.  I worry that I might have too much time for thinking these days.  Let’s look back to a time that was too busy for so much thought.

When I came to live in England in 2017, it was actually the third time.  I came first from the US in my 20s.  That time I lived in Richmond.  The second time I returned from living in Zimbabwe with my husband and one year old son.  This last time I returned from Switzerland, this time with my husband and my second son.  While he finished high school here, I worked on a Masters of Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

When I made this photo, I had been in Derby at a photo festival to have three portfolio reviews.  We were encouraged by the university to do such things.  My MFA work was very different from my regular landscape work and while I loved it, I missed the outdoors.  On my way home, I realized that the route would take me fairly near to The Chesterton Windmill.  I quickly decided that I deserved a diversion.

When I arrived it was windy and cold but I didn’t mind.  I was out in my element again and delighted to be so.  I am looking forward to a return like this sometime very soon.  I know it will be as wonderful as this day was.



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