Viral Kindness 06

I am still sending letters. 🙂

Hello again Friend,

I hope that you are keeping busy and staying well in these exceptional pandemic times.  I am trying to keep active in my house with my treadmill and am growing many new vegetables outside in my garden.  While I am spending quiet time with my plants, I often wonder what others are doing in their homes or gardens or going for their daily exercise in their surrounds.  I imagine there are a lot of puzzles being made these days.

This thoughtful state reminds me of a photo that I took last year.  I had a long-time friend visiting me while he was traveling through for work.  I planned to take him out to see the famous Stonehenge.  We arrived early and still were among a large crowd while we made our way around the awe-inspiring stones.  After lunch, I had the idea to take him to a quieter but equally wonderful set of stones – Avebury. 

We arrived to a much smaller crowd.  It was such a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.  I set up to photograph these stones but had to wait for a group of school children to leave.  While I waited, lying on my belly on the ground behind my low mounted tripod, everyone left…except this man.  He was lost in thought and I realized that he was the photo I was waiting for.  It was a beautifully serendipitous moment. 

I will never see this man again and in fact, wouldn’t even know if I did, but I am grateful to him for this gift.  When I hold this photo in my hands, it reminds me that there are many people in our lives like this – strangers who in some way meaningfully touch our lives.  This thought brings me comfort.  I hope it will for you too.



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