Make Something New 04 – Dreams

This week’s creative prompt is “dream”.  You may use the word however you like – dreams, dreaming, dreamy – it’s entirely up to you.  All creative endeavors are welcome and eagerly anticipated.  I’m very excited to see what you will make. 

Creative interpretation of the prompt is *highly* encouraged. Remember that the goal is to create something.  Release your inner artist. ✨  Please do keep things family-friendly so that everyone can participate and make sure that what you post has been made now, as a response to the prompt.

This week I was thinking about a series I did last year called “deconfinement” that is about societal pressure.  It occurred to me that many of us are now living a very different and more literal type of confinement and I found myself daydreaming a sort of merger of these two concepts.  The idea and then its execution became a delightful escape from my current reality.  To make it even better, I had the pleasure of collaborating with my former teacher, friend, and colleague, Sarah Grosso.  I made the visuals which then prompted her to make the beautiful piano accompaniment.  Words cannot express the joy this little adventure has given me. 🙂


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