Make Something New 03 – Traces

This week’s prompt is “traces”.  You can make anything in response to the prompt and you can interpret the prompt any way you like.  This is a concept I was intermittently focused on during my MFA work – noticing things like footprints and finger prints everywhere.  Living things leave a lot of marks on the world.  Some of them are tragic and others are beautiful.  👣

Creative interpretation of the prompt is *highly* encouraged. Remember that the whole point is to make something NEW.  Focus your mind and release your creativity. ✨  Please do keep things family-friendly so that everyone can participate and make sure that what you post has been made now, as a response to the prompt.

Last week I washed everyone’s fluffy blankies.  Yes, we all have one.  As I folded them up I noticed all my handprints on them.  In the waning evening light, they were highly visible.  The next day though they were not as obvious.  This kept wafting through my mind and inspired this temporal piece.  I tried various ways of photographing it but in the end, decided leaving a visual cue of what left the traces in the image was most satisfying.

Some traces I noticed last night.


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