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Care homes in the UK have reached out to the public for contact from the outside. Residents are isolated from outside contact for their safety and as such, are feeling alone. I can relate. I am sending a weekly letter and photo to four care homes in my area. 💗

Here is the text of the letter.

Dear Friend,
My name is Athena Carey and I am a landscape and travel photographer living near you in Surrey.  I thought it would be nice during this time to reach out and share some of my photos and experiences.  It’s difficult to stay inside during the pandemic but hopefully, this will make it a touch easier.
This photo is from a series I did while I was living in Geneva, Switzerland.  It shows one of the many jetties used by large boats that tour the lake for both pleasure and business.  This jetty is in the city of Lausanne, which rests about in the middle of the lake on the Swiss side.  On this day, it was cold but we had no snow.  I got up early to ensure I could be alone on the jetty and was delighted to find that there was a low fog on the lake nearly obscuring the other side.  These conditions made me feel like I was standing by the sea rather than a lake and looking out into the great unknown.  My only companions were the many seagulls aligned on the far edge of the jetty.  I left them in peace on their end of the edge of the world while I shivered behind my tripod over on mine.  I am often very alone while I am out making photos but on this day, in particular, I felt a strong sense of hope as I looked out across the water.  I hope the photo can also give you a similar sense.



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