Make Something New 01 – Blue

This week’s prompt is “blue”. You can interpret and respond however you like. You could literally make a photo of something blue or your photo can be blue in a figurative sense.  Please post your responses to this prompt in the comments below.  I am very much looking forward to seeing and chatting about your photos. 💙

The overall idea of this adventure is to use photography, which nearly everyone practices to some extent, as a way to focus attention on something creative and then through that connect to the outside world. I’ll keep all the prompts very simple so no one is excluded based on skill or available gear. Creative interpretation of the prompt is *highly* encouraged. You can be literal or figurative or somewhere between. You can take a straight shot with your phone, make an elaborate PS collage, use film or digital, natural light or strobes… Please do keep things family friendly so that everyone can participate and make sure that what you post has been made now, as a response to the prompt.

IDEAS:  If you are drawing a blank, you could start by going through your house collecting things that are blue.  You can then assemble these items in a blue still life and photograph it with whatever camera you have or prefer.  If you want to be less literal consider ways to visually express some of the social and cultural meanings of blue – calm, tranquillity, trust, loyalty, royalty, melancholy, sadness…

This is a short video clip that I recorded with my iPhone in the bathroom.  I shot it with the front-facing camera through a Listerine bottle.  It is blue literally and also expresses my current feelings of isolation and uncertainty.  I will post a couple other blue photos in the comments too.  I did a video just to challenge myself.  I am really, really more a stills kind of gal. 

This is a cyanotype.  Since the lockdown started, I have not been able to do any travel or landscape photography, so I have been making cyanotypes.  The process involves painting light-sensitive chemicals onto paper and then exposing that to UV light.  No darkroom is required.  I used a dying tulip and crumpled plastic wrap and exposed it in my back garden.  I made the photo of the cyanotype with my phone.  🙂

This one is called, “random blue objects in my house still life”. I was surprised to find that I really don’t have much that is blue. I got “blue” into my head and then whenever I stumbled upon something blue during the day I added it to a pile. Later, I arranged them on my bed and made the photo with my iPhone. The items included are a film camera battery, a lip balm, a bead bracelet made by a dear friend, a marble I found in the garden last year, my bonsai clippers, a post-it pad that I use to make notes in books, my favorite blue erasable pen, blue watercolor paint, the cap to my glasses cleaning solution and a Velcro cable binder. They are all on top of my Fstop Dyota 20 camera bag.


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