Nathan Wirth’s Five Day Black & White Photographer Color Image Challenge DAY TWO

I’ve recently been challenged to participate by John Kosmopoulos, Niki Aguirre and Thomas Schaller to do Nathan’s BW/Color challenge.  For now I’m doing only the color part, but might go back and turn these all into BWs for Thomas later.  J  In just over an hour I’m heading out of town, so there will be a short pause in my challenge participation.

I must also challenge another photographer to participate, so today I will ask David Orr, because he foolishly (delightfully) expressed interest  😉

 Today’s image is from a trip to the Western Cape back in March with Armand Dijcks and Brit Hammer.  This trip was the start of a very cool project, Africa with Athena that we are working on together.  I’m flying out of town today, but as soon as I get back from this trip I’ll be back to work on our project.


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