Make Something New 11 – PINK

For this creative prompt we will return to color – this time PINK.  Think of roses and sunsets, birthday cake and champagne! But your response does not have to be literal, it could be about how the color makes you feel or what it means in society (this part is super interesting to me).  I […]


Make Something New 10 – The Letter T

This prompt is a wide one – the letter T. You can choose anything at all that begins with the letter T and photograph, draw, sing about, bake a cake in the shape of it, etc. I am…


Make Something New 09 – darkness

This creative prompt is somewhat vague – darkness. It may sound difficult at first, but this vagueness gives you a lot of creative freedom. Sometimes we have freedoms that we don’t even know we have. 🙂 Darkness has many cultural and connotative meanings that can be explored or you could attempt it more literally with a low key (dark) image. Remember that visually, darkness is the only way that we are able to perceive light – the whole yin and yang of realities.