Viral Kindness 05

This week has been filled with ups and downs for me but I am keeping my hope up. Whenever I begin feeling down about our current situation I remind myself of the very good things I also have in my life. Even the warmth of the sun can make me smile when I look at things this way…


Make Something New 05 – Bottoms UP

This week’s creative prompt is “bottoms up”. The phrase has a drinking connotation but your creations don’t necessarily need to. Think of all the things these words could mean and how that could be creatively or literally expressed. All creative expressions are fair game – drawings, stories, photos, paintings, songs, and even fancy drinks. 🥂


Make Something New 03 – Traces

This week’s prompt is “traces”.  You can make anything in response to the prompt and you can interpret the prompt any way you like.  This is a concept I was intermittently focused on during my MFA work – noticing things like footprints and finger prints everywhere.  Living things leave a lot of marks on the […]