make something new

Make Something New 09 – darkness

This creative prompt is somewhat vague โ€“ darkness. It may sound difficult at first, but this vagueness gives you a lot of creative freedom. Sometimes we have freedoms that we donโ€™t even know we have. ๐Ÿ™‚ Darkness has many cultural and connotative meanings that can be explored or you could attempt it more literally with a low key (dark) image. Remember that visually, darkness is the only way that we are able to perceive light โ€“ the whole yin and yang of realities.


Make Something New 08 – bubbles

For this creative challenge lets focus on something fun โ€“ Bubbles!
You can of course be as creative as you like in creating something new with the topic โ€“ it can be backyard bubbles or social bubbles. Physics defines a bubble as…


Make Something New 07 – mandalas

The topic for this creative prompt is โ€œmandalasโ€. A mandala is a circular pattern of shapes, colors, tones, textures… Creating mandalas and even just looking at them can be used as a way to focus attention. I have been wanting to make one with the plants in my garden for some time now and this […]