Drone Panography?

Could I make a BIG (multi-shot, high res) panorama with a drone? I’ve never used one, so there is that, but is it even possible?  The photo I want to take would be straight down from the drone, not looking out across the horizon. I asked this question over on Facebook and it sparked a very […]


Hasselblad Workshop in Dorset (part 2)

It was great! Unfortunately, the weather was horrible though, so we only got outside with the cameras once and it was in wind and rain. Thank you, Tammy, for holding the umbrella over my filters for this shot! I definitely have an infatuation with this camera now. I think I’ll try to rent it for a […]


Hasselblad Workshop in Dorset (part 1)

I have arrived at the Springfield Country Hotel Leisure Club and Spa (!) and am very excited about the fact that tomorrow I will have a digital Hasselblad in my hot little hands.  I’m going to be joining Robert White Photographic for a 1 day hands-on Hasselblad workshop.