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This week is pack week at f-stop gear. Every day of the week a special bag and a matched f-stop pro photographer are featured. There are special deals and special bundles. As an added bonus, if you purchase a bundle, you qualify for a 1-2-1 private session with an f-stop pro! My bag is the […]


F-Stop Kashmir

I’ve been a strong F-Stop Gear  supporter for quite awhile now.  I have several of their bags and travel with them exclusively.  Although I am comfortable in both of their Loka bags, I know several of my female photography friends need something made more for the female form.  Knowing the outstanding quality of F-Stop Gear […]


OBX bts

Awesome Behind the Scenes shot from Alistair Nicol on the last day of the Mountains to Sea Coastal workshop.  Love it! 🙂 Loving life with +f-stop and +Really Right Stuff 🙂 #obx   #northcarolina   #northcarolinawithathena   #reallyrightstuff   #fstopgear