Skellig View 0876-2 ✨

Some places leave a mark on your heart. 

There are a couple of places left on the Kerry Workshop in Ireland, later this month.
If you are interested, send me an email for details.

County Kerry, Ireland


Eco Village Experience

I’m proud to have been a part of this project.  My photos are the top left and right. 

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Photographs of Suffering

In the NY Times article (linked below) the author, , asks the question, “What should one do when faced with images of violence?”  We see images of violence, of suffering on a near-daily basis.  So much, that I wonder if it affects us as much as it should.  Are we desensitized into inaction?

If we share it, if we see it, if we make it, are we also obliged to do something about it?  Are you willing? Are you able?

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Photograph by J. T. Zealy / Wikimedia Commons


Kate 2662 🌸

I’ve made a small return into the world of portraiture this year.  My mind is spinning with ideas for this Purity project.  So many possibilities…

If you would like to see more, they are here

and here

You can follow either (both!) page to join me on this portrait adventure. 



Release Your Art

Once you give your art to the world, those beautiful things that you have made with your heart and soul belong partially to the ones you have shared them with.

It is not for you to dictate how others will interpret or experience your work. They will do so through the filters of their own experience and desires.

Creating and sharing art is a fulfilling, exciting, depressing, invigorating, painful, inspiring, rewarding gift of depth and beauty. Try not to weigh your personal value through the world’s reactions to your work, neither the good nor the bad. 


Charleston 8973 ✨

I was sad not to be able to make it to the states this summer. I have a rather large landscape photography deficit in my 2017…

I expect to be back next summer to teach a couple of landscape workshops, including this gorgeous location in South Carolina.

Details for this photo are:  Sony A7r2, FE 24-70 2.8, F11, 30 seconds, ISO100

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What is a portrait?

One of my greatest photography fascinations is the question of what constitutes a portrait. While we are accustomed to portraits including a person’s face, I hold that a face is not necessary to visually express a person’s identity.

The example below goes a bit far, even for my lenient interpretation of what a portrait is (can be).

Do you think this is a portrait? Should it have won a portrait contest?

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I am very happy to say that I have been accepted into the Masters of Fine Art Photography program at UCA!   I’m feeling both excited and nervous!


Summer Serenity

Just as the movers are about to pack up my computer, amid the moving chaos, let’s have some summer serenity. I am going to miss this lake a lot.lot.

Is it possible to feel nostalgic about something you have not yet lost?

Canon 5dmk2, EF 24-105, F16, 240 seconds, ISO100