“street” photography

Last week I took the little Fuji X-T30 to the Tate Modern Museum in London. 🙂 This is easily my favorite photo of the day, despite making many others that I also like.

I am thinking about creating a separate Instagram account for this kind of work. I want to make lots more, but it wouldn’t look very nice mixed in with my landscape stuff. What do you think?

Also, Studio Olafur Eliasson‘s exhibit, IN REAL LIFE is splendid. I highly recommend a visit to it if you are able.



try more new things

Earlier this week I was testing a little Fuji X-T30. I took it for a short walk at my local park. What a joy to work with such a small piece of gear! 🙂

The processing for these photos was all done in Adobe Camera Raw – black and white conversion with minor tonal adjustments. Then I exported them as 72 ppi jpg files to upload them here. Easy Peasy…


Yes, I got rained on. You can see the rain in the duck photo. Gotta love the UK. 


Barcelona Show Announcement

Exhibition News – four of my conceptual works will be on show at the Foto Nostrum Gallery in Barcelona this month. 🙂

These four pieces are part of a series that won the digital collage section of the 13th Julia Margaret Cameron awards.


try new things

I had the pleasure of joining a special SheClicksPhoto walk yesterday in Holland Park. OlympusUK were with us and as such, I had the joy of trying out a lovely little E-M10III.

I have absolutely no experience with this type of photography, so it was an adventure. In that same spirit, these snaps were all shot as JPGs with the camera’s monochrome setting. Quite an extreme choice for me, the control freak who shoots with a tripod and works only with RAW files. 🙂


Empty Quarter 1551

Before visiting the Rub’ al Khali, I had expectations. In my imagination, I had created it as a vast expanse of beautiful sand formations as high as buildings and beautifully sculpted by the wind with undulating patterns.
I knew it was beautiful. I knew it could kill me. It was sublime.

During my visit, the last three sentences above remained intact in my mind, but my understanding of this enormous body of sand changed dramatically. This (all?) desert is full of life – plants, animals and humans, the latter of which has left quite a mark on it.

I didn’t process these images literally for years because what I found and photographed didn’t match my initial creative vision for the place. I was disappointed and eventually, I forgot about the photos all together. I’ve looked at them recently though with a different perspective. I am awed by the resilience of life (not mine – it would still kill me easily) and I am frightened by the extent to which we manipulate nature and “the landscape”.

Is there any actual natural land left in the world?