Perspective – Is it Impending Doom? or The Worst has Past?
How we perceive our reality makes a huge difference in our happiness.

Ominous cloud over Caher Cove.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions and I’m not interested in dwelling on the past. My primary focus lately is to experience the best in each moment.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Yeah, I fail a lot, but I’m getting better at it and when I get it right, it’s SO worth it. So here’s to enjoying NOW – appreciating what is, what we have, who we are and who we are with.

Happy Now. Ok, ok – Happy New Year too. 🙂

This image is from the stunning Copper Coast in Southern Ireland. John Dunne and I are leading two workshops there later this year.  You could join us! More information here:  If you act fast, you could save €50 on the February Workshop.

New Ireland Photography Workshops for 2016

Elephant Rock in Northern Ireland

I am extremely happy to announce that I’ll be co-leading, along with John Dunne, four photography workshops in Ireland in 2016!  I would absolutely love to see you there.  🙂

To find out more and to register, please visit

Causeway Coast, Northern IrelandCopper Coast Geopark, Ireland
February 26 – 28th *€50 discount*
October 14 – 16th
April 22 - 24th
September 16 - 18th
The Causeway Coast covers a large area of Northern Ireland, rich with culture, history and beauty, with iconic locations like the UNESCO World Heritage site Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle, Mussenden Temple, as well as quaint harbours, sea stacks and cliffs falling into the North Atlantic Ocean.
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The Copper Coast is a diverse geological area in southern Ireland that is named for the historic metal mining industry of the area. It is peppered with ruins of times past, glorious cliffs falling into the Celtic Sea and beautiful sea stacks.
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Caher Cove in The Copper Coast

Video Tutorials Now Available!

Come with me on a photography adventure.  I want to show you the beautiful Western Cape of  South Africa and talk to you about what photography means to me and how I approach it from start to finish in this exclusive, travelogue-style video tutorial produced in collaboration with filmmaker Armand Dijcks.  Order Now! 🙂

In this three part video series, I discuss many things, including all of the following:

the definition of fine art photography
color vs black & white photography
knowing your camera
composition & orientation
getting a feel for locations
using the light to your advantage
preparation before visiting a location
danger point lighthouse – Preparation and shooting
Cape Agulhas shipwreck – Composition, dealing with weather and tides
what’s in my camera bag
reasons to shoot long exposures
getting your shot in-camera
importing, rating & metadata in Adobe Bridge
preparing the image using Dfine
black & white conversion in Silver Efex Pro
finishing touches in Photoshop
creating panoramic images
and so much more…

Visit to find out more, see other preview clips and order your copy.

Africa with Athena Sneak Peek and Presale

This is getting exciting – every time I see a new clip from the photo video tutorial I am delighted again by how talented Armand Dijcks is. And amazed again that I did a darn good job at *talking*.  🙂

Have a sneak peek at the Africa with Athena trailer and then head over to to pre-order the video so that you can get it at the discounted price 😉

Africa with Athena Video Tutorial Pre-Sale

Available for pre-sale NOW at

Join me on my journey to photograph some of the most beautiful locations in South Africa’s Western Cape.  I’ll share with you my thoughts on researching locations, artistic vision, what fine art photography is, post processing workflow and much more as we travel to a shipwreck and a lighthouse.

Africa with Athena, the tutorial video I have been working on with the very talented videographer, Armand Dijcks is available for pre-sale now.

It will be ready for download on March 1st, but if you pre-order before that date, you will receive it for $49 instead of the regular price of $59.


We will take you from on site at each location to the finished images.

Find out more and place our order at:

Long Exposure Photography Tips

Are you interested in long exposure photography? Need a few tips to get started or to refine your workflow?

I’ve shared a few over on Jay and Varina Patel’s Visual Wilderness website.   You can find the tips by clicking HERE. 🙂

Workshop * Outer Banks, NC * July 2015

I’m very pleased to say that I’ll be doing another workshop in the stunning Outer Banks of North Carolina with the Mountains to Sea guys – Alistair Nichol and Tommy White this summer.  We had a fabulous time last year shooting sunrise at a pier, sunset and stars at a lighthouse, dunes, more piers, sunrise at another lighthouse, laughing and eating great food together, learning a lot in the classroom and then shooting a bonus ruined pier.  I absolutely can not wait to get back and do it all again.  Join us! 🙂

For more information and to sign up, please visit Mountains to Sea Workshops.

ghostly photographers

Last Autumn, John Dunne, Andy Bitter and I lead our annual photowalk, this year to Donegal Ireland.  We all had a marvellous time and were for the most part treated to wonderful weather along with the stunning locations.

This location, Burt Castle required smoozing with the locals for some creative parking permissions, mooing with a few cows, a steep uphill climb, scraping over some barbed wire and carefully avoiding a farmer’s freshly planted field.  But as you can see, it was well worth it.

I absolutely love our annual photowalks.  It’s comforting to be out shooting with old friends from around the world and exciting to meet the new ones that join us each year.  And in the processing of the images, I get better and better at using the healing brush tool to paint out the ghosted forms of my fellow photographers in my frame.  🙂

Maybe next year you will join us?  😀

If you have any questions about the photowalks, the making or processing of this image, don’t hesitate to ask.  No secrets.  😉

stop bots!

The good news is that literally thousands of users have signed up for my blog.  The bad news is that unfortunately a lot of them are not real people; they are bots.  And the bots are spamming us.  🙁

In an effort to stop this, I have added Captcha to the registration form.  I know, Captcha is annoying, but so are bots and so is spam.  Hopefully this will ensure that all of us here are human.  🙂

In addition, I am running a plugin called WangGuard now that filters out registrations from users who have been flagged elsewhere as sploggers and spammers.  If you had access before and have lost it, it could be due to this plugin.  This unfortunately means that your email address is on spammer lists being used to block access to other sites as well.  So long as you are a human and are interested in photography, you are welcome to reregister here though.  😉

The new registration form looks like this.  You enter your email address (twice) and it will become your username.  You must enter your first name, but can decide if you share your last name.  You choose your own password (and confirm it) and if you were given one you enter your invitation code (students and workshop attendees).  It will require you to fill in a Captcha code and will have you confirm your email address.  Hopefully this will sort things out and we can move on to blog happiness in 2015.  😀