UK Seaside Photowalk Locations Announced!

We  have announced the locations for the very exciting, weekend long UK Seaside Photowalk that will take place this Autumn on the last edition of the European Photo Show.

In case you missed it live, you can watch the recording of the show to find out which parts of the beautiful UK coastline we will be exploring.  If you are interested in joining us, be sure to join the Google Plus UK Seaside Photowalk Community for future announcements.  We’ll begin the discussion there about timing of the event, as well as begin to announce sponsors that will join us very soon!

Or you can check them out on this map.


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  1. My web side is still on build up process will be ready in a month probably. I’m a landscape and nature photographer. My passion is taking water reflection photos.

    I really enjoyed with wathing your video. I know Athena Carey we have children in same school even in same grade in Geneva. Please add my name on your blog. I would like to fallow your work.

  2. Hi, just a note that your Contact link above just links back to your home page…

  3. Thanks for that – it’s a bit of a glitch as my contact page runs only from my website. If you click contact here and then click it again in the page that loads, it’ll work. 😉

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