my life in photography – a conversation with Nathan Wirth

I have had the very unique pleasure of being interviewed by Nathan Wirth for the Conversations about Photography section of his Slices of Silence website. The interview is quite personal. It contains revelations and musings and many photos – including several unpublished works.

Nathan asked me several years ago to do an interview, and I agreed.  I have a very high regard for him as a part of the photography world, and I deeply value our friendship.  He has been a mentor to me both directly and indirectly in the ways of photography and also life.  However, I also have very impressive powers of contemplation and procrastination and so it is only now that this interview is finally complete and ready to be shared.

Part of me feels I should apologize for this delay of literally years. In truth though, I think it took this long because I genuinely needed the time to grow and evolve into someone whose thoughts and ideas might be worth reading.  I am a very different photographer today than I was when he initially asked for the interview.  If I am lucky, I will be able to continue evolving in this way for a long time to come.

In the meantime, should you decide to read the interview, I hope you enjoy it. I invite you to ask questions or make comments about what was discussed.  I am very happy for the conversation to continue. 

Also, while you are there, I encourage you to delve into some of the other interviews and spotlights as well.  The photographers are diverse and their approaches are fascinating. 



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