Make Something New 12 – Lightpad

This time our creative prompt is more of a specific challenge – to use a lightpad to create an interesting backlit photo.  You may be thinking, “I don’t have a lightpad” but you likely do.  A lightpad is just a flat, lit surface to place your subject on in order to back (or through!) light it.  You can use any iPad, monitor, TV screen or even a sunlit window as a lightpad.

If you choose to use an iPad, first take a photograph with it of something white (like a wall) and when you do, over-expose it (ask how in the comments if you need help).  Then turn the brightness of your iPad screen all the way up and display that white photo full screen.  Viola – a lightpad.  You only need to put something interesting on it and make a photo.

For my photo below, I used leaves from a small tree branch that I found on one of my forest walks.  I carried it home, cut the leaves off, arranged them on the lightpad and snapped a photo with my iPhone.  That’s it!  I quite happily spent about an hour arranging and re-arranging and photographing each layout.  This is actually one of the first photos I made.

You can join in the fun here:


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