Make Something New 11 – PINK

For this creative prompt we will return to color – this time PINK.  Think of roses and sunsets, birthday cake and champagne! But your response does not have to be literal, it could be about how the color makes you feel or what it means in society (this part is super interesting to me).  I am looking forward to how creatively or literally you will take this.

My pink image is literal in a sense because it is pink in color but also rather figurative.  It is about memory, something that while I am restricted by the pandemic has become a frequent visitor.  Memory is difficult for me.  On most days I try to live in my present and plan for the future to avoid the disturbing mélange of happiness, pain and confusion created by memories of my past.  With this image, I am metaphorically comparing this experience of memory to that of being lost in a familiar forest.  As I wander through, disorientated, I am confronted with beauty, wonder, pain and fear.  It is pink like the stinging mark of a past injury and pink like the delight of a beautiful sunset at the same time.

Technically, the image took a lot of prep and then was made within a very short period of time.  Clean-up also took longer than it took to get the shot.  lol

If you would like to participate in the prompt, you can do so here:
I’d love to see what you make. 🙂


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