Make Something New 10 – The Letter T

This prompt is a wide one – the letter T. You can choose anything at all that begins with the letter T and photograph, draw, sing about, bake a cake in the shape of it, etc. I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone will respond. Table, terror, ticket, tickle, tomorrow, target, three, tower, tools, teacher, turtle, tattoo, truck, tumble, tennis, texture…. So many options!

With this prompt we have a special treat. f-stop gear are joining us and will give one random participant a Dyota AG+ Ion face mask. I have a purple one that I love which is saying a lot as I am claustrophobic and struggle with masks. You can read all about these special masks here.

In my Letter T image, I have included a few Ts – Time, Teapot Tally, and Trapped. There may or may not also be a Tempest in that teapot. That part varies from day to day. The image represents my experience of waiting during the pandemic. So much waiting and trying to stay calm. Waiting through lockdown, waiting to feel safe, waiting for a vaccine, waiting for more information, waiting and waiting, and all the while, drinking tea because I am after all, in England. Back to scrubbing the wall now…

You can participate in this prompt here:

conceptual image showing time trapped in a teapot
created during the 2020 pandemic lockdown

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