Make Something New 07 – mandalas

The topic for this creative prompt is “mandalas”. A mandala is a circular pattern of shapes, colors, tones, textures… Creating mandalas and even just looking at them can be used as a way to focus attention. I have been wanting to make one with the plants in my garden for some time now and this past week we had a short break in the rain allowing me the space to do it. I spent about an hour making and remaking these in my back garden. It was a hugely calming experience. I would make one and then either the wind would blow it away or I would be inspired to reassemble it in a different way. These are all just iPhone photos. I didn’t even bring my bigger camera outside with me. In the end, I let the wind take all but the large yellow flowers, which I kept on my dining table to enjoy for a few days.

Please do not feel restricted to garden bits for your own mandalas. You can make them from anything – food, paper, utensils, sand, etc. They can be photos of things you have assembled or they could also be drawings or paintings. Let your creative mind fly. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you will assemble. I may well put together some more this week too. The calm that ensues from such no-pressure creative attention is delightful.

Creative interpretation of the prompt is highly encouraged. Remember that the ultimate goal is to create something new for this challenge and in so doing give yourself a break from these stressful times. Relax into the prompt idea and you may be surprised by how creative your thoughts will be. 🦋 Please do keep things family-friendly so that everyone can participate.

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