#viralkindness 04

This week’s letter to my local care home residents. They are still unable to go out and cannot have visitors so I am trying to bring a little bit of the outside to them. 🙂

Dear Friend,

I hope that you are well and managing to find interesting things to do inside during our pandemic lockdown.  On some days, I find it stressful not being able to go out.  I miss my regular photography trips very much.  But I know we are doing something very powerful in the fight against this virus so I am trying to take comfort in that.  It doesn’t feel like doing much but it is.

I have another little photo escape for you today.  A few years ago, I took a group of fellow photographers to this lighthouse at night with the aim of photographing its beacon.  We arrived at just the right time to also capture The Milky Way in the sky above.  The light moves in a circular path around the lighthouse, so timing was very tricky.  It took several attempts but with this click, I had the most excited feeling.  I knew it was the one.

Originally, this lighthouse was on the strand on a narrow island off the coast of North Carolina in the United States.  Erosion was threatening it and so several years ago a massive project was launched to move it inland.  Now the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse sits just on the other side of the dunes, still shining its light of safety and hope to all near enough to see it.  We are far away on the other side of the ocean but here is that light of hope for you.  And for me too. 🙂



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