#ViralKindness 03

I have been writing letters as a way to connect with residents in care homes near where I live. They cannot leave nor have visitors because they are shielding from the virus.

Hello again my friend,

It’s me again, writing to share a photo and an experience with you.  I hope you are keeping well and able to get out into the garden in this beautiful weather.  We cannot go far right now due to the pandemic, but perhaps we can see what is nearby with new eyes.

The photo I am enclosing this time might look familiar to you.  It is one of our local treasures – The Ruined Abbey at Painshill Park.  I hope that you have had the pleasure to see it yourself and if not, that you will soon.  I have a special affection for Painshill Park as it is my local park and before coming to live here a few years ago I didn’t even know what a folly is!  This park has several beautiful ones.  Fast forward a few years and now I am in the middle of a large photo project all about British follies.  This experience is a gift I could only have found by coming here and for that I am very grateful.

On this particular day, I was at the park to test a new Hasselblad camera and so I was quite excited.  I had intended to create a minimalist photo with smooth water and sky but the clouds were dancing so beautifully that instead, I captured this.  It is as if the clouds were dancing with my own new camera happiness.  I am wishing you a similar happiness today.



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