Make Something New 02 – Light

This week’s prompt is “the light”.  You can make anything in response to the prompt – a photo, a drawing, a song, a cake.  And you can interpret the prompt as openly as you like.  Your subject could be literal light or a figurative notion of light.  It can be natural light or artificial light.  Please post your responses in the comments below.  I cannot wait to see what you will make!  ✨

The overall idea of this adventure is to spark creativity as a way to focus attention and then use photography to share what you have made to connect with each other. If you make something that cannot be photographed or videoed, then I challenge you to find another way to share it here – perhaps as text or audio.  Creative interpretation of the prompt is *highly* encouraged. You can be literal or figurative or somewhere between.  Please do keep things family friendly so that everyone can participate and make sure that what you post has been made now, as a response to the prompt.

In this photo, I have returned to the familiar comfort of my studio with a style that is very similar to my final MFA work which is called that which binds.  I took apart a small studio strobe, threaded it through a lampshade from my living room and suspended the contraption.  The mannequin is called Lucy.  She is a sassy thing that comes apart at the seams in the most wonderful of ways.  In this case, her head is missing.  On some days I can relate although lately, my head feels full of light. 
There is no photo editing – just Photoshop to convert the RAW to JPG.  

Image may contain: indoor
head full of light

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