Free Creative Sessions

This week is pack week at f-stop gear. Every day of the week a special bag and a matched f-stop pro photographer are featured. There are special deals and special bundles.

As an added bonus, if you purchase a bundle, you qualify for a 1-2-1 private session with an f-stop pro!

My bag is the Kashmir. And my special bundle includes a medium slope ICU, a filter pouch, a digi buddy and gate keepers to hold my tripod. These are what I carry with me when I go out to shoot landscapes. Other bundles are also available.

One to one sessions with me will be variable, adjusting to meet the desires of the customer and our geographical options. They will include a choice of shoot planning guidance, location advice, technical or theoretical lessons and portfolio reviews as skype calls, coffee meet-ups or mini outings.

f-stop Kashmir in Macedonia


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