Perspective – Is it Impending Doom? or The Worst has Past?
How we perceive our reality makes a huge difference in our happiness.

Ominous cloud over Caher Cove.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions and I’m not interested in dwelling on the past. My primary focus lately is to experience the best in each moment.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Yeah, I fail a lot, but I’m getting better at it and when I get it right, it’s SO worth it. So here’s to enjoying NOW – appreciating what is, what we have, who we are and who we are with.

Happy Now. Ok, ok – Happy New Year too. 🙂

This image is from the stunning Copper Coast in Southern Ireland. John Dunne and I are leading two workshops there later this year.  You could join us! More information here:  If you act fast, you could save €50 on the February Workshop.


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