ghostly photographers

Last Autumn, John Dunne, Andy Bitter and I lead our annual photowalk, this year to Donegal Ireland.  We all had a marvellous time and were for the most part treated to wonderful weather along with the stunning locations.

This location, Burt Castle required smoozing with the locals for some creative parking permissions, mooing with a few cows, a steep uphill climb, scraping over some barbed wire and carefully avoiding a farmer’s freshly planted field.  But as you can see, it was well worth it.

I absolutely love our annual photowalks.  It’s comforting to be out shooting with old friends from around the world and exciting to meet the new ones that join us each year.  And in the processing of the images, I get better and better at using the healing brush tool to paint out the ghosted forms of my fellow photographers in my frame.  🙂

Maybe next year you will join us?  😀

If you have any questions about the photowalks, the making or processing of this image, don’t hesitate to ask.  No secrets.  😉


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