stop bots!

The good news is that literally thousands of users have signed up for my blog.  The bad news is that unfortunately a lot of them are not real people; they are bots.  And the bots are spamming us.  🙁

In an effort to stop this, I have added Captcha to the registration form.  I know, Captcha is annoying, but so are bots and so is spam.  Hopefully this will ensure that all of us here are human.  🙂

In addition, I am running a plugin called WangGuard now that filters out registrations from users who have been flagged elsewhere as sploggers and spammers.  If you had access before and have lost it, it could be due to this plugin.  This unfortunately means that your email address is on spammer lists being used to block access to other sites as well.  So long as you are a human and are interested in photography, you are welcome to reregister here though.  😉

The new registration form looks like this.  You enter your email address (twice) and it will become your username.  You must enter your first name, but can decide if you share your last name.  You choose your own password (and confirm it) and if you were given one you enter your invitation code (students and workshop attendees).  It will require you to fill in a Captcha code and will have you confirm your email address.  Hopefully this will sort things out and we can move on to blog happiness in 2015.  😀




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