Nathan Wirth’s Five Day Black & White Photographer Color Image Challenge, DAY FIVE

And finally we come to the end!!  I was challenged to participate by John Kosmopoulos, Niki Aguirre, Thomas Schaller and Sarra Robinson in Nathan’s BW/Color challenge.  I’m finished just in time to get my head back into black and white mode for the course I am teaching at PPSOP. 😀

I must also challenge one more photographer to participate and since this is my last day I am going to take a big chance and ask Hengki Koentjoro.  He’s an amazing black and white photographer.  I’d love to see his color work.

I’m going to end off this challenge with a photo from a fairly recent trip to Northern Ireland with my dear friend John Dunne.  He and I are working very hard on a special project that is quite close to my heart.  Light Land and Sea will be launching two exciting tours very soon.  Keep your eye out for the announcement.  😉

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