Nathan Wirth’s Five Day Black & White Photographer Color Image Challenge – DAY THREE

I’ve recently been challenged to participate by John Kosmopoulos, Niki Aguirre and Thomas Schaller to do Nathan’s BW/Color challenge.  For now I’m doing only the color part, but might go back and turn these all into BWs for Thomas later.

I must also challenge another photographer to participate, so today I will ask Benjeev Rendhava, because I’d like to see some colorful photos of one of my favorite countries, Malaysia.

This colorful burst is of Ponte Rialto at sunset, taken last year on a fabulous trip with Ken Kaminesky, Elia and Naomi Locardi.  Those were a few wonderful days!  Now we just need to figure out where in the world and when the reunion is.  Can’t wait.  😀


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