Nathan Wirth’s Five Day Black & White Photographer Color Image Challenge DAY ONE

I’ve enjoyed seeing color work from many of my favorite black and white photographers lately as a result of Nathan’s challenge.  I’ve also been challenged to participate by John Kosmopoulos and Niki Aguirre, so I guess I’ll be out on that color limb for a few days.  I’m going to need to modify the challenge though because I can’t post on the five days consecutively because I’ll be out in the bush from Thursday.  I’ll still do five days though, I promise.  🙂

I must also challenge another photographer to participate, so today I will ask Sharon Tenenbaum, who does beautiful architectural photo work.  🙂

This photo is actually a second cut from a wonderful morning that I spent thigh deep in the sea with Alistair Nicol.  One of these days I’ll have time to process the first cuts!!  😀



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