Light, Land and Sea

I believe that your connection to a place profoundly affects your photography.  The deeper your understanding and attachment to a location is, the more impact your images will inherently have.  This is one of the reasons that photographers make breathtaking images of their own locales.

But when you are traveling on a tight schedule without local contacts and with little local knowledge, it’s difficult to make these essential connections.  How can you get to know a place in the short span of a holiday?

Light, Land and Sea, a joint venture between my friend John Dunne and I, can help you to do exactly that.  We will be offering photographic tours of stunning locations, but unlike most photo workshops we intend to give you an authentic taste of each place.  While we travel to some of the most beautiful sites, well known icons and captivating, less known gems, we will be helping you with the technical and artistic aspects of capturing the best possible images.  At the same time, you will also receive the background in history, culture and folklore of these locations through qualified local guides.  Together we will share authentic food, taste local wines and whiskeys and enjoy live entertainment.  As you travel with us, you will be experiencing each location on multiple levels and that connection will shine through not just in the rich memories you will leave with, but also in your photographs.

On our first tour offered in June, 2015 we will travel from Dublin, up through beautiful Northern Ireland.  To find out more and to be notified when the tour becomes available, please visit to signup for updates.


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