Colour Photography

Kate 2662 ūüĆł

I’ve made a small return into the world of portraiture this year. ¬†My mind is spinning with ideas for this Purity project. ¬†So many possibilities… If you would like to see more, they are here¬† and here¬† You can follow either (both!) page to join me on this portrait adventure.¬†


Long Exposure Photography Workshop 2016

Learn Long Exposure Photoghraphy Ethereally smooth water, painterly clouds, a moment of time seemingly standing still. Long Exposure photography has a way of capturing a stillness, a quiet dream like state, another dimension all together. Join us in and around Charleston, SC for two days this summer to learn how to create these magical photos. […]


April 2016 Workshop || Copper Coast, Ireland

We still have a couple of spaces left for the Light Land and Sea¬†April Seascapes Workshop in the gorgeous Copper Coast, in Southern Ireland. ¬†Dates – April 22-24th; Cost –¬†‚ā¨350 Click here to register. We can have it all! ¬†This area is perfect for both colour or black and white work and long or¬†short exposures. […]