Moultrie 08957

South Carolina is a beautiful place.  Admittedly I do take some artistic license as well.  I like to make things mine.  Or show them through my own personal filter.  How do you feel about photo editing?  Do you feel photographs should show exactly what a place or person looks like?  Or is it ok for […]


Long Exposure Photography Workshop 2016

Learn Long Exposure Photoghraphy Ethereally smooth water, painterly clouds, a moment of time seemingly standing still. Long Exposure photography has a way of capturing a stillness, a quiet dream like state, another dimension all together. Join us in and around Charleston, SC for two days this summer to learn how to create these magical photos. […]



I have been dreaming about going to shoot Botany Bay for a long, long time.  Finally that dream has come true.  A HUGE thank you to Alistair Nicol for getting up mega early, collecting me from my hotel, bringing me a bike and taking me out to see these beautiful trees.  We had a great […]