Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to a new year of growth, authenticity, adventure, compassion, health, learning, love, creativity and happiness and wish the same for you. 🙂

To celebrate the start of 2019, I have a special 20% discount to share for Formatt-Hitech ND filters. If you are into Long Exposure photography or have been thinking about trying it, this is a great time to buy filters.

The discount code is: Athena20 – Easy for us all to remember! It is valid from now until January 18th.

My filters of choice are the Firecrest square/rectangular filters. They are the most neutral filters I have experience with. If you have any questions about ND filters, let me know. I’m happy to help.


Royal Photographic Society’s 100 Heroines

I’m home sick today, but I do have good news to share. 🙂
I found out this week that I was nominated for the Royal Photographic Society’s 100 Heroines. <3

Discovery Photo Tours Has a New Tour Leader!

I’ve very happy to share that as of this past weekend, I’ve officially joined forces with Discovery Photo Tours. First Stop – Norway!

Let the exciting adventure begin!! 🙂

Here’s my new profile on the website. 


Drone Panography?

Could I make a BIG (multi-shot, high res) panorama with a drone? I’ve never used one, so there is that, but is it even possible?  The photo I want to take would be straight down from the drone, not looking out across the horizon.

I asked this question over on Facebook and it sparked a very lively discussion.  Have a look here.

(not my photo)
No automatic alt text available.


Moultrie 08957

South Carolina is a beautiful place.  Admittedly I do take some artistic license as well.  I like to make things mine.  Or show them through my own personal filter.  How do you feel about photo editing?  Do you feel photographs should show exactly what a place or person looks like?  Or is it ok for artists to present them as them choose?


I’m melting.

Thinking of snow as I currently melt in the southern US. ❄️ (note the two people for scale)

La Grivine in winter


Sossusvlei 5738

I would love to be back in this place rather than having a pipe dug up from beneath my garage. ~sigh~

Where would you like to be?

Sossusvlei – dead trees and dunes


De Kelders 4873

This is not a view of De Kelders, but rather from it. I hope your Sunday is this relaxing. I am spending mine reading, printing and preparing gifts.

Tech: Canon 5dmk3, 70mm , ISO 100, F11, 25 seconds, single image.

De Kelders across to Hermanus


De Kelders 4614

Sometimes colour appeals. I’m still revisiting my images from South Africa. Circumstances have kept me from going outward to shoot recently, so I’ve been “traveling” through my hard drives. 

For the tech people: Canon 5d3, 24-105 lens, ISO 100 F11, 30 seconds, multi-image stitch.

De Kelders across to Walker Bay