Release Your Art

Once you give your art to the world, those beautiful things that you have made with your heart and soul belong partially to the ones you have shared them with.

It is not for you to dictate how others will interpret or experience your work. They will do so through the filters of their own experience and desires.

Creating and sharing art is a fulfilling, exciting, depressing, invigorating, painful, inspiring, rewarding gift of depth and beauty. Try not to weigh your personal value through the world’s reactions to your work, neither the good nor the bad. 


Charleston 8973 ✨

I was sad not to be able to make it to the states this summer. I have a rather large landscape photography deficit in my 2017…

I expect to be back next summer to teach a couple of landscape workshops, including this gorgeous location in South Carolina.

Details for this photo are:  Sony A7r2, FE 24-70 2.8, F11, 30 seconds, ISO100

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What is a portrait?

One of my greatest photography fascinations is the question of what constitutes a portrait. While we are accustomed to portraits including a person’s face, I hold that a face is not necessary to visually express a person’s identity.

The example below goes a bit far, even for my lenient interpretation of what a portrait is (can be).

Do you think this is a portrait? Should it have won a portrait contest?

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I am very happy to say that I have been accepted into the Masters of Fine Art Photography program at UCA!   I’m feeling both excited and nervous!


Summer Serenity

Just as the movers are about to pack up my computer, amid the moving chaos, let’s have some summer serenity. I am going to miss this lake a lot.lot.

Is it possible to feel nostalgic about something you have not yet lost?

Canon 5dmk2, EF 24-105, F16, 240 seconds, ISO100


Printing – the magical final step

It’s finally time for me to print some of my new portrait work.  I need fine art prints, so I’ll be doing the printing myself to keep control of the whole process.  My printer is an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and in this case, I am using Hahnemuhle fine art papers.

There is no comparison to holding a piece of art in your hands that you created from start to finish.

Do you print your own photographs?  Or do you send yours out?


Do You Film?

As in do you still use analog cameras?  Like many, I started out with a film camera and have recently returned to using one, even in the studio.  But recently I also bought this gorgeous twin lens reflex camera and am loving it!  It’s a bit challenging composition wise, but an absolute joy.  This one is a Yashica Mat-124 G, but I would love to own a Rolleiflex one day too.

What is your dream analog camera?


Return to the UK

One more return for 2017 will be a move back to the UK.  I love Switzerland and I will be sad to leave this beautiful country and my beloved friends, but I also love the UK.  That’s the downside of being an expat – you are never fully home anywhere anymore because you have left pieces of your heart all over the world.  But how wonderful it is to see so many places and make so many diverse friends.  💗

I will continue to teach online, locally and run workshops around the world.  Maybe there will even be some new UK workshops.  So far we’ve managed to find a new home and a new school and I’ve even applied to graduate school!  A new adventure awaits.

This isn’t my new home – it’s a semi-long exposure taken inside The British Museum. 😉


Black and White Filter – Luminar

How nice to be featured by the team at Macphun for the black and white filter in their powerful new Luminar Software.  If you don’t have it already, you should definitely take a look at getting it.  And if you decide to go for it, you can get a small discount as a gift from me, with the code “Athena10”.

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